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The air conditioner has become an essential home and office appliance that keeps an environment cool during the summer season. However, wall AC installation is not something you should attempt by yourself, or you might risk damaging the unit itself. To maintain the comfort and right temperature, you need to ensure that experts do the installation.
MD Heating & Air Conditioning is an AC installation company that offers a team of professionals to set your system to give you maximum output. We give you a service at a reasonable price and install your AC according to manufacturer specifications.
We are AC installation contractors who focus on the needs of our clients and utilize the full extent of our abilities to serve you. If you are looking for quality service, you can trust our expertise to deliver the promised results.

Greenville Air Conditioning Experts

Once you have selected your unit and consulted with us, our professionals take over. We keep various factors in consideration, such as structure, need, budget, and comfort. Our wall AC installation technicians learn everything about your structure to set the unit properly.
Every step that we take ensures the correct integration of your unit with optimization and precision for years of performance. Our experts double-check the process for certainty and surety that we have given you the best.
So why become worried about installing your AC when you have expert services of MD Heating & Air Conditioning available.

Our Process

We install your wall AC by following a series of steps to ensure the proper setup of your unit.
  • We choose a spot as directed by you
  • Mark the wall studs
  • Turn off all power to the room
  • Make the holes and cut through wall studs
  • Set the frame for the indoor unit
  • Set the unit and run the pipes and wires through the wall hole
  • Connect the drain pipe and wires to the outer unit and power source
You have the availability of our premium services of professionals in Greenville and surrounding areas, and we are the solution to make your summertime comfortable.
Call us now and book your slot for professional installation service.