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Do you know that ductless AC is another choice besides central air conditioning or window unit that is invasive to install and energy-efficient? The ductless system utilizes an outside unit to condense air, which is then blown through a wall-mounted blower unit instead of ducts. The system has a built-in air handler that exits warm or cool air through the unit.

At this point, you need someone for ductless air conditioning repairs and maintenance. Constant use of the system eventually leads to some issues. MD Heating & Air Conditioning is your answer that can handle all these issues professionally. Our experienced technicians meet your needs through an exceptional service that will surely satisfy you.

Our Service Expertise

When your system does not work optimally, you need a ductless AC service that professionally performs the job. Some of the most common reasons that malfunctions your unit includes:

  • Heating or cooling inadequacy
  • A rise in energy costs
  • Leakage in the indoor unit
  • Odor or knocking sounds from the unit
  • Broken remote or unresponsive thermostat

Our team at MD Heating & Air Conditioning diagnoses the system to identify the issues and apply the adequate solution. We offer our clients repair and maintenance for their ductless system, which functions optimally and increases its longevity. Our repair service gives our clients the satisfaction that their system will function accordingly.

Our Service Pricing

Our repair of ductless AC cost is lower than our competitors, and that is because we consider the quality of service as our driving force. We give you affordable prices for every service that gives you the result you desire and falls within your budget.

Why Trust Our Services?

When our clients approach us for their repair or maintenance, they put their trust in our expertise. That is why we deliver according to our commitment to a long-term relationship. We leave no stone unturned to give you a service worth your time and effort.

You can call us anytime to book your slot and have our professionals take care of your ductless AC system issues.