How often should furnace and air conditioner be serviced?

When your air conditioner is acting temperamental and it isn’t functioning to its highest capacity, that may be because it is in need of servicing. The potential issues facing air conditioning systems are many and varied, but in the end they all drain into the same state; that of helplessness on your part, and the oppressive heat of summer. To find out what common issues may arise, how you can identify them, what a professional air conditioner technician will do, and how often your AC/furnace needs to be serviced, take a look at this guide we’ve put together for you.

Common problems of AC systems

When your AC drainage system is defective, for whatever reason, the water accumulates in the indoor unit, overflows and can flood your home. This can cause damage to the structure of your home in addition to any personal property that may get in the way. Painfully familiar? If you don’t have your system serviced on a yearly basis, this could continue to cause problems. In between inspections, you should carry out a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system and places where blockages may form at any of the water 'stations'. Here are some things to consider when you perform your inspection:

  1. External Hose: Check that there is no fold or knot blocking the flow of water in your external hose. To release a blockage from dirt, simply blow firmly into the pipe. Also, gently pull the hose, in a controlled manner, to improve the flow.
  2. Continuous Air? First, make sure you have set your thermostat to auto. If that does not solve the issue, you likely have thermostat or blower issues.
  3. Hose tip: If a bucket is placed to catch excess water and condensation, make sure that the end of the hose always sits above the waterline rather than inside the water. The inner end of the pipe must also be inspected - check that it is firmly connected to the nozzle coming out of the evaporator.
  4. Drain tray: Carefully open the inner unit shell of the air conditioner, making sure the drain hole is open and the water tray is clean and clear. If the tray needs cleaning, boiling water and a mild detergent will do the trick.
  5. Metal Tray: It has long been the case to only use a plastic drain tray, however if your air conditioner is old the original metal tray may have rusted. This will likely need replacing at your annual service.
  6. Proper slope: Water is known to flow from top to bottom, and a good tilt is necessary to allow for the ideal drainage. Usually the water outlet from the air conditioner is located on the right side of the unit and the tray slopes in this direction. The pipe must be tilted downwards along its entire length.

If you are not regularly looking at the system, then you may not notice any issues.

How often is it best to service your AC/Furnace?

Whilst a lot of professionals say that you should service your home air conditioning once a year, it also is said that you should consider regular maintenance and also “housekeeping” in between these periods. Spring is the best time to service your AC unit, just before the warmer months come and you are more likely to turn on the AC. By checking for any issues, you can troubleshoot in advance and call out the professionals before you are adversely affected by the heat. If you will not do the regular air conditioner/HVAC servicing, then you will likely find that dirt and dust will build up in filters and will keep your unit from working effectively and can even contribute to certain allergies/illnesses. This will cause extra stress, time and money. Therefore, be sure that you always schedule these services far enough in advance to prevent issues. Also, using a professional company, licensed and insured, will ensure your professional knows all about your system. Even if your system does not exhibit any problems, you must still have it serviced yearly. It will always be considerably less expensive and less stress to take care of these issues when they are small.

Tip: Turn down the AC when it is not needed to avoid overworking. When leaving the house for long hours, or during periods when it’s cooler in the evening. This will allow the entire operating mechanism of the air conditioner to rest, and will feel significantly more pleasant when the air conditioner is running. This is something that will prevent future malfunctions and also allow for good and efficient operation of the air conditioner years to come.

What needs to be serviced on my AC?

The air filters of any home air conditioning unit or any apartment air conditioning system help prevent the accumulation of allergens and air pollutants throughout the home. Replacing the filters regularly (around every 90 days or so), can dramatically improve indoor air quality. But if you do not replace them regularly, the air filters can become clogged and then, not only will it make any apartment air conditioning system and air conditioner work harder, increasing the pressure on your equipment as well as your electricity bills, it will also impair the filtration of dirt, debris and dust from the air.


In most cases, the filters should be replaced every 90 days which means that you should also be inspecting the system for any abnormalities such as unusual sounds, smells or other issues at the same time. In homes with family members who are particularly sensitive to allergens, or with multiple pets, it is recommended to replace the filters monthly. Air purification systems can also help significantly improve the air quality in the home. Servicing your system will allow you to always have an efficient system that works well, maintains its efficiency, saves you money and is safe and secure 365 days a year. For more information, please refer to our website where our friendly team will be able to offer informative advice relating to your AC and furnace. If you want to find the most professional, licensed team, please take a look at for further information.